Lexus Introduces New UX Compact SUV at Paris Motor Show

It’s not the sexiest concept car French eyes will ogle at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, but the new Lexus UX Compact SUV Concept is an important one. As a potential new player in the hottest selling class in the automotive business, this is a concept that has a good chance to get built.

As proposed, the Lexus UX would be a four seat compact crossover. At a glance, it’s as close to a car as an SUV can come — another step toward “crossovers” actually becoming “large hatchbacks.” That’s the trend, and Lexus is well on top of it with the UX.


The UX would also be another effort by Lexus to bring younger buyers into their brand. The Lexus NX (currently in the automaker’s lineup) was the first shot at bringing urban post-millennials to Lexus. This smaller UX would slide into a slightly lower price class.

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The concept shows off the newly designed Kinetic Seat Concept (above) — or, as I call it, “Seats You’ll Never See in Any Production Car, But They Look Fun in a Concept Car.” According to Lexus, they’re designed “in response to a re-evaluation of the principles of car seat occupancy.” We’ll give Lexus a break and give them credit for thinking outside the cushions, but these hentai creations are a ways off, even in Japan.


Anime jokes aside, the UX is a beautiful concept externally. Most automakers are on the hunt for more vehicles to put in place amidst the small SUV class, so this Lexus entry could be on the reality horizon.