Watch The Moment’s This Woman’s E-Cigarette Explodes In Her Purse

It’s a good thing a New Jersey woman wasn’t actually smoking her e-cigarette or getting kinky with it Sunday afternoon, and that’s because the battery inside of it exploded as she reached inside her purse to make a purchase at a New Jersey mall.

Mara McInerney was getting ready to buy a new pair of bitchin’ shades at the Sunglass Hut inside the Freehold Raceway Mall Sunday afternoon when her vape pen exploded and totally destroyed her $1,900 Louis Vuitton purse along with everything inside of it.

Woman’s E-Cigarette Explodes In Her Purse

“I had a battery in this pocket by itself,” McInerney said. “It exploded through the pocket, charred everything, melted everything in the bag. Terrifying, scary. It sounded like a gunshot. It sounded like a bomb went off.”

Well, the good news for McInerney is that it sounds like she’ll be able to afford one hell of a lawyer.

h/t UPI

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