Some Dude Is Climbing Trump Tower In New York Using Only Suction Cups

WABC News is currently airing live video of some nut job who is climbing Trump Tower in New York City using only suction cups, forcing the NYPD to close down 56th Street so they could inflate a giant airbag in case he falls or jumps.

Several media outlets have reported that the climber’s name is “Steve from Virginia,” and he has made it all the way up to the 17th floor. Our guess is that he won’t get much higher since they just knocked out a few windows a few floors above him to bring him to a halt.

There is also this video that was recently posted on YouTube in which “Steve” outlines why he’s currently doing what he’s doing:

Check that. We still don’t know why the hell he’s doing it.

h/t Gothamist, Barstool Sports

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