Here We Have A Girl In A Bikini Bonging A Beer While Wakesurfing

And I’m in love.

A recent study said that anybody who says they are a pro at multitasking is actually full of shit, but this video of a sexy girl wakesurfing, catching a beer bong that was thrown to her, catching a can of beer that was thrown to her, pouring that beer into the beer bong and then downing that beer in a matter of seconds is proof that the guys and girls behind that study are actually the ones who are full of shit.

Seriously, any dude on that boat who didn’t propose to this girl the second they came ashore is an idiot. Well, unless her brother was on the boat.

It didn’t go so well when this clown tried something similar: Dude Wakeboarding Tries Catching Beer, Catches Massive Pole In His Rib Cage Instead