Toronto Cops Respond To Report Of Guy With Gun, Discover It To Be Just A Terminator Cutout

Since there have been so many horrific and senseless shootings recently, people are definitely on edge — so much so that a woman called cops to report a man with a gun on the streets. The only problem is that this guy was made out of cardboard. And oh yeah, he’s the Terminator.

The Toronto Police tweeted that they saw a man on the street with a gun, only to tweet a bit later that it was just the Terminator. Take a look at the tweet below:

And now take a look at the cutout that made a woman lose her mind with fear:

Here’s a closer look at “Arnie,” a cutout owned by a business named Queen Video:

All is well, folks. No guy with a gun. Just a dude from the future trying to get at Sarah Conner’s baby.

h/t National Post

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