Some Douche Left A Horribly Racist Comment Instead Of A Tip At A Thai Restaurant

It seems like people leaving horrible comments instead of tips is becoming more and more common, and sadly here’s another story of a person who decided to stuff their face with food and leave behind a shitty comment instead of appreciation.

Jason Paul Naglich, some awful customer from California who hopefully has the worst case of the runs at the moment, ate at Bamboo Thai Bistro at Redondo Beach, California, where he was served by a Thai immigrant in her thirties. That apparently offended Jason because he decided to left this in lieu of a tip:

“Tip for U.S. citizens only,” was the only thing Jason left in the tip line. So not only did the poor waitress have to serve this ignorant douche, but she had to read that comment, too.

According to a co-worker, the waitress originally thought it was “her fault, that maybe she did something wrong to offend him or something.” The waitress reveals that she is in the U.S. legally on a working visa and hopes to get a green card soon to “give her two kids a better life.”

I think it’s pretty obvious that this waitress is going to end up better off than Jason Paul Naglich, who should probably just stay alone in his motel room and order food while he yells at the front desk for not having an “American accent.”

Via First We Feast

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