‘Honesty Fridge’ Offers Free Beer And Condoms If You Are Working Late At This Job

If this isn’t a strip club or some cool, sex ranch I don’t know about for some reason, then I am extremely curious as to where the guy who posted this works.

Some guy says his job just got an “Honesty Fridge” that allows you to stock up on free beer, candy, soda and, if you’re working super hard, condoms. But this is only if you’re working late because the fridge is only open from 8PM till late.

I guess being extra productive can turn someone on, so I understand the condoms.

The only downfall is that it’s Budweiser and now it makes sense why they’re free. But nevertheless, I need this fridge. Preferably within an arm’s reach of my chair.

Via Imgur

Since we don’t have that fridge we’ll just have to deal with this: 18 Of The Grossest Things Ever Found In An Office Refrigerator


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