Homeless Man Sacrifices Life To Save Woman From Hostage Situation

The following contains graphic images

A homeless man is being called a hero after he gave up his own life in order to save a woman who was being held hostage on the steps of a cathedral by a gunman.

Gunman Luiz Antonio da Silva took clerk Elenilza Mariana de Oliveria hostage after he entered Sao Paulo Cathedral in Brazil on Friday. The gunman was already a very well known offender in Brazil, and was well known by police.

The gunman then proceeded to hold the woman hostage outside the cathedral doors at gunpoint.

Erasmo Francisco Rodrigues de Lima, a 61-year-old homeless man, decided to do something about the situation, taking the gunman by surprise and tackling him.

In the scuffle, de Lima was shot, but distracted the gunman long enough for not only de Olivera to escape, but for police to shoot and kill da Silva.

After staggering for a bit, de Lima died on the steps of the cathedral.

“It was a heroic act…he gave his life for me,” the hostage stated.

Tons of support has poured in for de Lima, as many people have thanked de Lima for giving his life for another.

The real hero is the one who does what he can

Francisco Rodrigues de Lima Erasmus, I hope you are with God, and continue being the angel that you are. Tears..

This homeless man that died in Sao Paulo deserves all the respect. Hero of the year!

You can watch video of de Lima saving the woman’s life below. The footage is quite graphic.

Via Buzzfeed


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