Police Officers Accidentally Leave Reporter A Voicemail While Talking About Her Breasts


Yesterday, it appears that a Colorado sheriff’s deputy forgot how to properly use a phone, and now he is in big trouble for it. The officer, Deputy Sergeant Zach Farnam, was returning a call from Chase Olivarius-McAllister, a reporter with “The Durango Herald.” Chase is a British-American woman who grew up in London (that will be relevant once you hear the voicemail), and she was looking for some routine crime statistics. So, Sgt. Farnam left her a message simply telling her to call back. However, he didn’t hang up after that, and that’s where the fun begins:

If you’re keeping track at home, after the intended message was left, there is some talking to himself, some talking to a dog, and then at the 1:30 mark, another officer joins in and they make a bunch of sexist and derogatory comments about Olivarius-McAllister. Oh, and now you know why it is relevant that she’s British. Finally, the voicemail ends with a triumphant “buuum, bum bum bum!”

I bet that feeling of triumph is no longer evident in the sheriff’s office.

Finally, Olivarius-McAllister says she received a call from Sheriff Sean Smith, who said he was taking the incident very seriously and that the voicemail conversation was unprofessional.

h/t Jezebel