Pizza Party Thrown For Passengers On Delayed Flight

Like the DMV, it’s tough finding people that aren’t angry at something at the airport, but a pilot and crew at Delta decided to make people on a delayed flight a little less angry by ordering them pizza, because if there is one thing that makes people happy it’s food…free food…free pizza.

News, Pizza Delivered To Plane

Due to bad weather conditions, a flight that was scheduled to fly from Philadelphia to Atlanta had to be diverted to Tennessee and remain on the runway, so in order to keep the annoyed passengers from yelling “Attica,” and competing to become the worst passengers ever, boxes of pizza were delivered to the plane. And it looks like it wasn’t Little Caesars, so all was still well.

The flight to Atlanta weren’t the only ones that were given pizza as other flights that were delayed also got to snack on them. Pizza parties were even held in the terminal, which brings me back to my elementary school days where a pizza party was our reward for reading a full book.

What makes a few hour delay of your night flight better? Free pizza! Thanks @delta #MLItoATL #pizza

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Airlines usually get a bad rap for making our lives hell, but it’s nice to hear that some of them still aim to make us happy and comfortable like the little in-flight video that I always ignore says.

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