Maison et Objet | Serip Creates Magical Lighting

Chandeliers, wall mounts and other unique structures are part of the Serip brand.

Serip has curated a veritable constellation of luxury lighting. Lighting doesn’t simply illuminate a space. It drips down walls; it plummets from the ceiling; it contracts, expands and contorts into unheard of shapes and sizes. So it should only seem natural that Serip’s installation at Maison et Objet is an eye-catching cross between a waterfall and a light show.

Serip is a Portuguese brand that produces one of a kind lighting. Photo by Akil Wingate.

The Portuguese brand has made a name for itself by re-imagining how we fill and decorate our living and working spaces. Here, a panel of lighting that looks like a branch of pine needles drapes against one of the imposing slabs of wall space installed at the salon.

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Another set of lighting plays the part of water cascading down a wall. The elements are strewn together, pulsing light through elegantly rendered glass fixtures. Some might simply call these pieces chandeliers. But these are anything but mere chandeliers.

20160903_172211Other shapes make use of bronze and metal elements to compose more robust, nearly omnipresent lighting structures. Serip’s newest designs are making the Design Week rounds. But the Portuguese brand keeps its best work on hand in its local atelier. What sets this brand apart? Since everything is rendered by hand, there are never two likenesses of the same piece.

Photos by Akil Wingate.