Make Interiors Great Again: Brucs Home Decor

Brucs curates clean interiors with soft gentle textures and inviting furnishings. Photo by Akil Wingate.

Spanish design brand Brucs curates looks ranging from intimate home interiors to ambitious hotel spaces. At Maison et Objetthe brand made clear that “home” never gets old, showcasing  classic looks that probably remind the bulk of us of our own childhoods: wood dining tables nicely appointed with fruit bowls and flower bouquets, living room dressers decorated with family photos, salon coffee tables boasting an unfinished game of checkers.

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Brucs takes a nod from what has always worked, what has always made living spaces comfortable, inviting and functional. So the question becomes, Why aren’t home spaces up to speed? Your living room is cluttered with man cave paraphernalia from the Super Bowl or some random tailgate. The entertainment center doubles as your beer pong table. The kitchen moonlights as an offsite testing lab for The Center for Disease Control. Your bedroom… You get the idea.

Stripping away the clumps of excess for simple, inviting intimacy is what makes Brucs’ design spaces work. There are scores of options put forward here in their exhibition space – glass goblets and porcelain bowls, mahogany coffee tables peach lamp shades and brass ceiling lighting – but they don’t need to all inhabit the same type of space, even if they do they fit together seamlessly.

Brucs featured comfy home looks at Maison et Objet. Photo by Akil Wingate.

So get rid of that basketball net hanging above the toilet in the bathroom. Time for your interiors to act their age.


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