Bureo Creates Skateboards From Waste

Waste not, want not. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Those are just a few of the anecdotes about trash. But for design firm Bureo, these anecdotes are the mantras of the company itself. The three skate-surf enthusiasts turned eco-entrepreneurs behind the firm – Ben Kneppers, David Stover, and Kevin Ahearn – endeavored to create a company that could re-purpose waste and turn it into something meaningful. Thus, Bureo was formed.

Bureo team are skateboard and surf enthusiasts. Photo courtesy of Bureo.

Bureo are skateboard and surf enthusiasts.

Bureo, which comes from the Mapuche language in Chile, means “the waves.” And the trio of entrepreneurs behind the idea is creating nothing but waves in both the design and green communities. They’ve launched an initiative in Chile called Net Positivo. The idea: fashion local fishermen with nets to wrangle recyclable raw materials. Those very same raw materials then make their way through an evolution of design until they meet their final fate as hip skateboards and surfboards.

Bureo posits that the Net Positivo initiative not only helps the firm itself source its stock of sustainable skateboards and surfboards but in turn makes a viable investment in the local community by providing jobs and encouraging recycling. Bureo provides the fishermen with “environmentally sound disposal points.” And the lifestyle that ensues is one that seems to encourage other locals to get involved as well.

For its part, Bureo has curated a lookbook of skateboards, sunglasses, t-shirts and other accessories primarily targeted for the skate and surf communities. The Ahi, for example, is a 27” skateboard rendered from recycled fishing nets. Its durability makes it ideal for all kinds of riding experiences, from tricks to the standard hipster work commute. The Ahi was designed in collaboration with Carver Skateboards and retails for $195.

Bureo skateboards are recyclable and compostable. Photo courtesy of Bureo.

Bureo skateboards are recyclable and compostable.

The Enjoy surf craft is Bureo’s futuristic take on body surfing. Rendered from 100% biodegradable material composed of agricultural waste and mushrooms, the Enjoy surf craft boasts a strong core with a neoprene strap also made from recycled wetsuits. And then, when it’s time to put the surf craft out to pasture, it can be recycled or composted. It retails for $129.

Bureo is hoping to spread its eco-friendly vibe through an ambitious Kickstarter campaign.

Images courtesy of Bureo.