Creative Collabs | SeaVees x Grayers Limited Edition Sneakers

2016 is the year of much anticipated collaborations like Rihanna x Puma, Justin Bieber x Fear of God, Adidas Originals x Palace, and more. On September 1st, SeaVees x Grayers will collaborate on a limited edition sneaker collection that embodies a classic casual lifestyle.

“SeaVees and Grayers share in our inspiration of the mid-century casual menswear movement and in our love of well-crafted classics,” explained Steven Tiller, CEO and Chief Designer of SeaVees.

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B.F. Goodrich launched SeaVees in 1964, but seven years later the brand stopped production until revived by Steven Tiller in the early 2000s. Tiller returned the brand back to its iconic California roots. In 2011, Peter Georgiou launched Grayers (named after the gray flannel trousers worn by Brits in the 1950s) to embody both superior quality and bespoke casual clothing.

If you’re looking for excellent quality and vintage-inspired footwear, then this collection is for you. The Legends (which come in four styles) are $98, the Maslons are $108, and both can be purchased this fall on and

Images courtesy of SeaVees.