Man Gives Himself Tattoo Using 3D Printed Tattoo Machine, Immediately Regrets It

Colorado electronics retailer SparkFun Electronics recently posted a video online depicting one of their employees giving himself a tattoo, by way of a 3D printed tattoo machine. Sounds impressive, right? Well…

The 3D printed machine qualifies as a working iron, with SparkFun noting that it uses a “SparkFun Pro Micro to feed PWM signals to our TB6612FNG Breakout Board based on inputs from a Rotary Potentiometer and a Foot Switch.” According to the employee who used it to tattoo himself, the machine took just over an hour to print on a Taz 5 desktop 3D printer.

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However, despite it being a pretty impressive feat that the employee managed to successfully print off a fully functioning tattoo machine in order to conduct his experiment, the end result leaves a lot to be desire. Though he routinely informs those watching at home that it looks “pretty much” like his other professional tattoos, in reality the final piece would make most people regret their decision to scribble on their own body. 

Despite his insistence that his new tattoo looks good, we’d wager that he now wishes that he now wishes he hadn’t conducted this little experiment, or at the very least tattooed anywhere else other than his forearm.

Watch the video below: