#SaveTwitter Trends as People Think the Social Network is Shutting Down

#SaveTwitter began trending on Twitter (where else?) today, with a rumor having been circulated suggesting that the social network will be shutting down because of “bullying.”

As you’d expect, this rumor is untrue. Though Twitter is notably struggling with trying to expand its number of users and reengage with its inactive accounts, there are no confirmed reports whatsoever that Twitter will be shutting down next year. Yes, the social network has been in the news quite a bit recently regarding its struggles to control abusive comments on the platform – most notably the torrent of racist abuse Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones received last month – but the site isn’t shutting down regardless of this issue.

Still, that hasn’t prevented many from continuing to spread the message that Twitter will soon cease to exist:

According to comments from those using the hashtag, the trending topic started as a result of controversial YouTuber BradTheLadLong posted a series of hateful messages he had received on the social network. However, it’s now spiraled so far out of control that it’s difficult to ascertain the exact origin of the rumor – not that it matters anyway, considering that the site is definitely not shutting down, regardless of its moderators’ futile attempts to prevent bullying on the platform.

Image Credit: Bethany Clarke / Getty Images