Travel: Remodeled Ink48 Rises Above the Fringe of New York Hotels

The life of the Ink48 Hotel on Manhattan’s far west side demonstrates how competitive the New York accommodation business can be. The venue is not one of the city’s elder statesmen hotels. It’s a thoroughly modern property offering all of the design cues and amenities travelers expect to find in a 21st century, top shelf, boutique New York spot.

However, the Ink48 just underwent a floor by floor redesign and renovation, with its 200+ guest rooms and suites taking on makeovers to freshen up their appearances and atmospheres. The result was a success, proving that the property and Kimpton (the hotel’s ownership group) are serious about keeping Ink48 an active player in the city’s hotel scene.

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Situated on 48th and 11th on the western edge of Hell’s Kitchen, Ink48 offers a unique advantage in its location. Visitors can choose rooms with views of the city or the Hudson. The hotel is every bit in the thick of the Manhattan atmosphere, yet on the fringe of all its most aggressive activity. 

Ink48’s neighborhood offers plenty of attractions and dining options, but it’s nowhere near as trafficked or hectic as what you’ll find even two long blocks east. As for the property itself, it has a lobby restaurant (PRINT) and one of the best rooftop lounge bars in all of New York (The Press Lounge).

Both of those dining and drinking spots are connected to Ink48 by location only. Non-hotel management is in charge of both. In the case of the rooftop lounge, that’s unfortunate. As upbeat, helpful and “so not New York” as the Ink48’s staff is, the attitude is so thick upstairs it threatens to obscure the spectacular view (below).

If you manage to escape the barely interested smugness of the rooftop bar’s overworked crew and get back downstairs to your guest room, you’ll find everything very much in order. Regardless of room category, all accommodations are bright, colorful and well-appointed — with the room designs pleasantly allowing for ample natural light.

As an added bonus, Ink48 prides itself on being one of New York’s most “pet-friendly” hotels. The joint has its own house dog lounging in the lobby, and there’s a devoted pooch watering spot as you enter.

Ink48 offers a unique set of plus traits from its clean aesthetic to its location. With one foot in Manhattan and the other sneaking away toward the river, any visitor will have the choice of engaging the Big Apple or hiding away from it for a while in peace.

Photos courtesy Ink48 and by John Scott Lewinski


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