Vision Quest | Sabre: The Future Looks Bright

Sabre knows a thing about sunglasses and a thing about marketing. Ironically enough, we’re not talking about the stunning models donning their frames as pictured here (though they’re a great part of it.) Sabre Vision has consistently been coming to market over the past 10 years not only with amazing (and affordable) shades but print work that can be seen on cups, stickers and more with cheeky, life advice like, “Don’t Panic” and “Maybe Partying will Help.”

We’re ready to live by the mottos, but obviously, we want to do it without squinting. 

Sabre Vision offers a dynamic and diverse lineup of frames. Made for men and women, with a lot of crossover (meaning you will want to steal your boyfriend’s, girlfriend’s, best friend’s, etc.). They also have a number of optical versions, and optical + clip-on shades (as demonstrated in the Showtime frames, just $90, and Showtime Clip On, $30. ) Does it get any better? We think not. 

All images courtesy of Sabre Vision.


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