City Life | Seattle Vs. Portland (Spoiler: Seattle Wins)

When it comes down to it, Seattle and Portland are probably the two most hipster cities in the country, but to the Seattleites living in the Pacific Northwest, Portland is merely the slightly adorable, but undeniably less-cool version of their city.

Photo: Ian Sane/Flickr Creative Commons


Portland does have St. John’s Bridge, which we all know is an impressive sight, but have you seen the Space Needle? Reaching 605 feet, this spot offers a panoramic view of the entire city and beyond.

While you’re visiting, grab some seafood at the SkyCity restaurant and ask for a window seat!

Photo: Suman Chakrabarti/Flickr Creative Commons.


Yes, Portland’s food trucks are without a doubt one of the coolest (and most efficient) ways to eat all of the things, but compared to Seattle’s Pike Place Market, it’s sorely lacking. At Pike Place Market, visitors and locals blend together amidst the flurry of local shops, vendors, and restaurants. The market is over 9-acres in size and hosts a throng of bakeries, cafes, bistros, coffee shops and both casual and upscale restaurants. Additionally, Pike Place Market features an array of regional dishes, like Seattle’s famous clam chowder.

Photo: Paul VanDerWerf/Flickr Creative Commons.


Mount Hood is gorgeous – no one is denying that, but you can’t really compare it to Mount Rainer – the 14,000-foot volcano that offers everything from hiking and rock climbing to skiing and camping. Visitors and locals can easily reach the highest point of the park by car, giving them a picture-perfect view of the glacier-capped mountaintops, wildflower meadows, and lush greenery.

While you’re there, take a boat ride to the Blake Island, where you can taste traditional Native American dishes and explore the coastal terrain.

Photo by Iris Photography/Flickr Creative Commons.


Yeah, Portland has something like an infinite number of breweries, but for just about everything else, you gotta look north. Seattle has everything your party-hearts desire, including locals-only bars, every kind of pub imaginable, nightclubs, posh lounges and dance halls.

While you’re visiting, be sure to check out Pike Pub & Brewery or Honeyhole Sandwiches for strong drinks and a home base for discovering the real local scene.