Katherine Webb Had A Baby

Hey, remember Katherine Webb? That was a fun two weeks. If you’re wondering what she’s been up to, she just had a baby with the Bengals’ backup quarterback. If this whole thing is an answer to a question you weren’t asking, my apologies, but I’ve come this far.

Touchdown! Katherine Webb and her football hubby AJ McCarron have welcomed their first child into the world! E! News can confirm the Sports Illustrated model and former Miss Alabama USA gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Do they really bounce though? I hope the baby is healthy and whatnot. Me, Katherine Webb and everybody else tried to make Katherine Webb happen, but it just kinda fell off. She’s apparently goes to church a lot and once said she was the “anti-Kardashian“. I guess that’s true in the sense that she couldn’t turn a direct connection to a sports figure into fame. Her husband is also technically a sports figure.