Not Seeing Erin Andrews Naked Will Cost You $75M

In case you forgot, in September 2008, Michael David Barrett (always the white guy with three names) filmed Erin Andrews undressing through the front door peephole of her room at the Nashville Marriott while she was in town to cover a Vanderbilt game for ESPN. Barrett uploaded the clips to a porn site, the FBI jumped in, and Barrett was sentenced to 30 months in prison in December 2009. And since I guess Barrett hasn’t had any income for a while, Erin Andrews is now suing Marriott for SEVENTY-FIVE FUCKING MILLION DOLLARS.

Andrews alleges that Marriott workers helped facilitate Barrett’s videotaping by first revealing that she was a guest at the Nashville hotel, then disclosing her room number, and finally by agreeing to Barrett’s request to be placed in the room next door to the broadcaster….With a trial date set for late-February–more than four years after Andrews filed her complaint–defense lawyers last month sought a court order directing Andrews to provide a specific damages amount. The attorneys argued that Andrews’s claims were “unreasonably vague and ambiguous.” After Judge Hamilton Gayden granted the defense motion, Andrews filed an October 13 amended complaint including the $75 million damage claim.

Uhhh…yeah. That’s a bit extreme, right? Marriott didn’t even see her naked. Does anybody even remember those clips? I don’t even think I’ve seen them. It was 2008. I vaguely remember Flo Rida. Like, if a stranger orders me a drink a Starbucks then spills hot coffee on my dick then I take my pants off and they film it (vertically) and upload it to the Internet, I can’t sue Starbucks for $75M. correct? If I can, I’d like for someone to let me know, because I have some jeans in a bag I was gonna trade at Buffalo Exchange, but if I can get more I’d rather do that.