Sportscaster Erin Andrews Looked Like A Ten In A Bikini For Health Magazine

Erin Andrews is still super popular for some reason, but the Fox NFL sideline reporter and TV personality is taking advantage of her fame as she continues to roll in the dough. And this time around Andrews decided to team up with Health Magazine in order pose in a bikini. Hey, that’s OK with us.

Now we all know how Andrews got to the forefront of the internet, but Andrews is now trying to remind everyone that she’s pretty damn good at her job. We think.

“I wanna be the female Michael Strahan,” Andrews told Health Magazine. Is that a good goal to have? Well, Strahan is rich as hell, so sure. But when she wasn’t talking about her goals, the 39-year-old was stripping down to her bikini for quite the photo shoot. Let’s kick it off by checking out the cover of the magazine below.

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We have more where that came from.

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Photo: imgur/Health Magazine

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