Katy Perry Gave Out Her Phone Number To 86 Million People

We’ve all heard Katy Perry’s lyrics, so we can’t really accuse her of being smart, so at some point I guess she would blast her phone number to everybody.

Whoops! Katy Perry accidentally gave out her phone number to her 70 million Twitter and 16 million Instagram followers on Wednesday, April 1. The “Wide Awake” singer, who also shocked (or possibly pranked) her fans by cutting her hair into a “Kris Jenner” pixie cut earlier in the day, posted a video of her beloved dog Butters without realizing his dog tag perfectly displayed her phone number. “BITCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY IF BITCH WANTS SAUSAGES!” she captioned a snap of her pooch, giving Rihanna’s new jam “Bitch Better Have My Money” a shout-out. Soon after she blasted the picture on both Twitter and Instagram, a majority of her fans tried to call the fail to her attention. After receiving likely millions of calls, Perry quickly deleted the video and then deactivated the numbers.

This was pretty dumb, but who are the people calling this number? Riff Raff? What did you expect her to say if she answered the phone? Make plans to go to Coffee Bean? I actually know celebrities and have their phone numbers, but like, who wants to answer when I call? I misspell things when I talk as well.