So, Sofia Vergara Did This Thing


Julianna Margulies told us last night that it’s a “wonderful time for women on television“, but it was also a wonderful time to be a feminist on Twitter, because when Sofia Vergara stepped on a rotating platform to be blatantly objectified, the toxic shock syndrome took effect and feminists went apeshit because it was another opportunity to talk about the patriarchy and rape stats.  Like, I can get the outrage since they had her ass up there like a piece of  sweet potato pie in a diner (which is considerably less messy to eat btw), but I just assumed that everyone loves looking at Sofia Vergara like this. Even Sofia Vergara. Remember, Beyonce was on a literal stripper pole the night before and now she’s Dora Russell. And to be honest, there’s a reason they didn’t ask Lena Dunham to step up on that platform. Nobody should be subjected to that.


That being said, Happy Women’s Equality Day, everyone!




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