Justin Bieber Hit That, Selena Gomez No Like. Also Hates Taylor Swift


Last time the maid checked on Selena Gomez, she unfollowed everybody on Instagram then started posting weird selfie videos. Most sites believed she was headed for some kind of meltdown, but as it turns out, its just your basic chick drama.

It looks like we may have found the reason for Selena Gomez, 21, recently unfollowing Kylie and Kendall Jenner on Instagram! Word is that Selena is suspicious of something having gone on between her on-again (and now possibly off-again) boyfriend Justin Bieber, 20, according to a report from The Sun. Read on for all the details! “Selena is convinced something has gone on between Justin and Kylie,” The Sun‘s source claims. “At Coachella, [Justin and Selena] looked to be back on track. Selena was hanging out with Kylie too and they were behaving like best friends.” It’s true — they were even sharing clothes! “Then [Selena] heard stuff about Justin and Kylie and felt totally betrayed. She went berserk and called it all off again,” their source added. “Selena is in a really bad place at the moment — she’s on the edge and now overcome with jealousy. She really needs to wash her hands of Justin for good.”

If you’re gonna bang a Jenner, why hit up Kylie when Kendall was like three feet away? Bieber should have stayed in school. He also seems like the kind of douche who would bang his girlfriend’s best friend, so yeah, no surprise. Moving on.

Taylor has reached out to Selena a couple of times, but Selena isn’t ready to be friends with her again. When Taylor heard she was going through a tough time, and stopped following all her friends on Instagram, she called her and emailed her, but Selena is not in the mood,” an insider tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. Taylor let Selena know exactly how she felt about her getting back together with Justin, but that hasn’t stopped her from trying to be a friend. “She feels like Taylor is going to say ‘told you so.’ But Taylor is truly concerned. There’s not much more she can do. It’s a two way street and Selena needs to make an effort too,” the source explains.

Can’t really believe Selena isn’t taking Taylor’s calls, because if there’s one person you should take relationship advice from, it’s Taylor Swift. She practices on her cats.



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