Lindsay Lohan Is Doing Perfectly Fine, Guys. Don’t Even Worry.

I know you guys are gonna find this hard to believe, but Lindsay Lohan is an insane sociopath and unrepentant drug addict with no perspective on herself who won't rest until she destroys herself and everyone around her. Happy Monday! Radar Online reports:

“Lindsay was a mess at every event at Art Basel,” a source who was with the post-rehab star at multiple events said about her behavior. “She was so careful never to be caught with a drink in her hand and no one saw her do any drugs.” However, the 27-year-old’s erratic behavior was noticeable by other attendees of the A-list events she attended. “Lindsay would be at a party in a VIP section with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and she would start freaking out that people were taking pictures of her and make security throw people out. But the crazy thing was, NO ONE was taking pictures of HER, if anything it was of Kanye and Kim.” As Radar previously reported, Lindsay has set her sights on a guy almost a decade younger than she is, Morgan O’Connor, who was in a long term relationship with a girl who goes to school in Miami, and they had a few run-ins during the week. “Lindsay had a tantrum when she would see Morgan’s ex-girlfriend at events,” an eyewitness revealed. “She would throw her arms in the air, stomp her feet and fling her hair around. She was acting like she was 10 years old.” As for her relationship with the dreadlocks wearing Ralph Lauren model, the fight with Barron Hilton may have been the end of their romance. “Morgan wants nothing to do with her at all. He is telling people that he is nervous and freaking out that his career is going to be affected by all her crazy evilness. She’s obsessed with him. “He is telling his friends is NOT her boyfriend and doesn’t want to be with her.”

Man, that entire blockquote is such a Lindsay thing to do. I've never seen a 27-year old bitch cause so much drama before, but my dog doesn't turn 4 until 2016.