Miley Cyrus’ Parents Are Getting Divorced


As you can see, being the only white lesbian member on the Twerk Team causes your father to disown you and cut off all communication, and apparently it causes your parents to get divorced. TMZ reports:

Billy Ray Cyrus is getting divorced … TMZ has learned. Billy Ray’s wife, Tish Cyrus, is citing “irreconcilable differences” in her filing.  Her decision to pull the plug on the marriage comes 3 years after Billy Ray filed for divorce but dropped it in an attempt to work things out. Billy Ray and Tish have been married for 19 years and have 5 children, including, of course, Miley.  There’s only one minor child left, Noah Cyrus, who is 13.  Tish is asking for full physical and legal custody, with visitation to Billy Ray. Tish is also asking for spousal support, and she wants him to pay her attorney’s fees.  The date of separation is listed as TBD.

As you can tell from the blockquote, Tish seems like a very reasonable and accomodating person who only wants the best for her children and to remain civil with the man she was married to for 19 years. Hahaha jk I meant scrawled “ALL HIS MONEY AND KIDS BELONG TO ME” on one of Billy Ray’s hundred dollar bills and gave it to her lawyer.


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