Lindsay Is Now Dating This Dude

Lindsay Lohan reportedly broke up with some dude named Avi Snow recently,  but since musicians are usually broke, she's now dating rich producer, Mohammed Al Turki. He may or may not be on a terrorist watch list. Daily Mail reports:

The pair were seen heading to Broadway show The Orphans in New York City, where Lindsay is currently spending time with her family before she checks into rehab on May 2. The 26-year-old Mean Girls star and the film producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, who produced the 2012 thriller Arbitage starring Richard Gere, arrived together for the show but were 45 minutes late. They were seen running inside to avoid missing any more of the first act….And after the performance had finished, Lindsay and Mohammad made their way back to their chauffeured car, with the actress's date gently patting her on the back. And it appeared the outing had tired the actress, as she appeared bleary-eyed as she made her way out amongst the theatre goers.

It's not really a secret that Lindsay is basically an escort now, so this shouldn't be surprising to anyone. He's a Saudi and a movie producers. She probably thinks when she blows him oil and a script with Ben Affleck attached will come out,