Kate Upton Doesn’t Care If You Call Her Fat

Since dumb blondes with huge tits will never go out of style, Kate Upton just made her second consecutive SI Swimsuit Issue cover and has been in every commercial and print ad ever made since last year. But for some reason, people want to call her fat. Okay. New York Post reports:

Upton’s on the cover for the second year in a row, and has bizarrely been bashed by some for her curvy body. “Everyone has the right to their own opinion,” she told us. “I am in a good place in my career, so it’s all right.” While Upton brushed off criticism, her fellow bikini babes came to her defense. “Everyone is hyper-critical of women, and it’s got to stop,” Alyssa Miller said. “We should be embracing all body types.” Chrissy Teigen added, “I don’t think people realize we read everything.”

First, let me preface this by saying that, yes, Kate Upton doesn’t look the way she does because she works out. She looks that way because she’s 20 and that’s how hot chicks who are 20 look like. And following that logic, in about 8 years, she’ll probably be about 165 pounds. But here’s the thing, who gives a shit? She’s hot now. The only people complaining about this chick’s weight are the same people who wear t-shirts to pools and think Girls is “brave” and groundbreaking”. If Hannah was played by Kate Upton instead of Lena Dunham, these same chicks would call it exploitative and demeaning to women. Just because a girl eats as much cake and cheese before bed as you gets naked, that doesn’t make it any more noble than Kate Upton in a bikini. As Chrissy Teigen said, we should be embracing all body types. Even when they’re forced on us in a hipster ripoff of Sex In The City. Also, if you anyone can tell me how I can embrace Kate Upon’s boobs, that would be great. Thanks.


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