Rihanna Wants To Have A Baby With Chris Brown

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Rihanna asked her record label for time off so she could have a baby. Let that sink in a moment.


With Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship going from strength to strength it sounds like RiRi might be ready to take things to the next level as she reportedly asked her record company for time off- to have a baby! With a stream of recent Twitter pics appearing to confirm that Rihanna is back with Chris, friends are now claiming the two want to start a family: “She asked her record company when the best time would be for her to take off, as she wants a baby,” an insider revealed to Closer. “They just stared at her. Everyone was pretty open-mouthed. But she hasn’t got any time free in her diary until 2014.”

And since we all know for the best way to get a woman to do something is to tell her that she’s not allowed to do it, we can all thank Rihanna’s mom. So thanks, Rihanna’s mom!

Not everyone’s happy with the reunion though as the source goes onto say that Rihanna’s mum Monica Braithwaite is allegedly doing everything she can to stop the pair getting anymore serious: “She called Rihanna to yell at her, asking what she’s doing with her life,” a source explained. “They’ve been blowing up over the Chris issue for weeks now. Her mom has told her not to waste any time on Chris and said, ‘Is this the type of man you want as your baby’s dad? He’s acting just like your dad used to.'” Not that her mum’s opinion seems to matter to RiRi: “This has made Rihanna even more determined to marry him,” the source insists.

Chris Brown may have deleted his Twitter, but he didn’t delete his penis from Rihanna’s vagina, so exactly won here? I think we can all agree it won’t be the baby. I mean, unless Angelina wants to adopt another black kid.