Lindsay Lohan Missed Her Flight, Ellen Canceled Her

Calling Lindsay Lohan a complete fuck up is like making fun of handicapped kids or Herman Cain. At some point it just gets too easy. Like yesterday, where her scheduled taping of Ellen (which was planned for months, btw) to promote her Playboy cover had to be canceled because Lindsay couldn’t bother to actually be on time for her flight out of Hawaii back to LA. Radar Online reports:

In a carefully crafted statement from her rep, Lohan’s latest excuse is “Lindsay was delayed in Hawaii due to a travel-related issue.” As for missing the show, the one and only interview she was going to do to promote the cover, her rep said “Lindsay offered to tape Ellen tomorrow, but the show was unable to shift things around, and tomorrow is their last day of taping for the season.”

As you read this, please keep in mind that, “Lindsay was delayed in Hawaii due to a travel-related issue”, is rep talk for, “Fuck dude, I don’t know, blow? Probably blow. It’s Lindsay. Who knows? She met a Bulgarian guy who owns a club or something? Maybe it was a Ukranian guy? To be honest I really don’t remember. They found her panties behind the dumpster is really all I know at this point.”

Lindsay leaving LAX yesterday where she immediately went to Kanye West’s VIP afterparty. Priorities, people.


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