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Seeing how this post did exactly what I wanted it to do (thanks angry drunk moms and medical forums for linking it on your sites!!), here’s another post about some other chick who thinks they are very first person on Earth to ever get pregnant. Ladies, I love you, I do, but when you get pregnant, stop posing naked. Seriously, just stop. I know you think it’s some sort of blessed miracle, but just how your body absorbs nutrients then eliminates waste, pregnancy is basically the same thing. A sperm fertilized an egg. Congratulations. That’s not a magical wonder. It’s just how shit works. And secondly, seeing you naked is gross. Men are the ones who should get praised for all this pregnancy stuff. Like last week, when one of my ex-girlfriends posted a pic of her new baby boy on Facebook. But did anybody congratulate me on his 500 million half brothers that lived for three months on one of my old college t-shirts? I think I’ve made my point here.