Kate Middleton Wants To Spend $150K On Plastic Surgery

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Prince William‘s girlfriend is a high maintenance narcissist? Oh, heavens no. Why would you think that? Oh, wait. The Enquirer reports:

The soon-to-be princess – who’s marrying Prince William on April 29 – needs a head-to-toe makeover to ensure she looks her best for the future king of England, say experts. And the total body overhaul comes with a royal price tag – $150,000! “Kate knows she’s about to become the most photographed person in the world – and women will scrutinize every inch of her. She’s really dreading that,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “She wants to project a modern, glamorous image, and she knows that it’s best to have cosmetic intervention before any aging, sagging, drooping or wrinkling can mar her figure.” The quest for perfection will come with a hefty price tag for the 29-year-old, whose parents are millionaire entrepreneurs. The insider estimates she would have to drop well over $150,000 for her initial “aesthetic adjustment” and for “periodic tune-ups.” Kate’s makeover plan includes a breast augmentation, a more full and shapely derriere, hip liposuction, lip fillers, Botox shots, delicate touch-ups around the eyes, a minor nose job and porcelain caps on her teeth, says the insider. “Now that she’s joining the royal family, Kat obviously has to be discreet about her body changes. She doesn’t wan to be embarrassingly photographed covered with bandages and with ugly black eyes from plastic surgery,” maintained the insider. “She needs to plan mini- surgeries that won’t be obvious to the public. “And for procedures where she will have to stay out of the public eye for a short while Kate has been looking for top surgeons in Switzerland.”

This is great and all, but can she throw her boyfriend a couple grand to do something about his hair? I can’t tell if he has male pattern baldness or if he’s on his last round of chemotherapy.


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