“We Will Be Seeking Punitive Damages For Assault”

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Demi Lovato is in rehab for cocaine (here) and anger management issues (here), so suing her and demand that she pay for your plastic surgery might not be the best idea. Demi Lovato will cut a bitch. Radar Online reports:

The dancer Demi Lovato allegedly punched in the face is seeking medical treatment from a plastic surgeon and is taking action against the Disney star in a lawsuit which will be filed next week, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively. Alex Welch’s high-powered attorney, Donald Karpel, says that the injuries his client sustained warranted emergency medical care and further consultation from a cosmetic surgeon. Karpel also says Welch intends to take Lovato to court. “We will be filing a lawsuit next week,” said Karpel. “We will be seeking punitive damages for assault, battery and for mental stress.” The dancer — who was on tour with the Jonas Brothers and Lovato when the fight happened on a plane — says she has not received an apology yet. “To this day, I haven’t gotten an apology. I’ve heard nothing,” Welch told People. “That’s sad if you think that person is your friend.”

Whenever you see two teenage chicks in a battle, a spot on the cheerleading squad is at stake or they are stepping it up 2 the streets, so whatever. I just wanted to post this banner picture of Aretha Franklin and Demo Lovato. Aretha Franklin could cut off Demi’s head, hollow it out, and still need to go at least five cup sizes bigger.


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