Justin Timberlake Wants An Oscar

You read that right. Page Six reports:

Justin Timberlake is mounting an aggressive campaign to land himself a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his role in “The Social Network.” The singer-actor is pushing to land the nod as his movie career takes off with three pictures out this year.

A source close to Timberlake, 29, who’s currently filming sci-fi thriller “Now” in Los Angeles with Amanda Seyfried, said, “He’s hell-bent on getting a nomination this year even though he has tough competition from his co-star Andrew Garfield.

“Sony is footing the bill for advertising the awards campaign, but Justin is also doing things his own way, including attending Academy screenings on his own and privately reaching out to award winners and Academy darlings Tom Hanks and Kevin Spacey for campaigning advice.”

Timberlake faces competition not only from Garfield but from Geoffrey Rush, who plays a speech therapist in “The King’s Speech,” and Christian Bale, who stars as the trainer to boxer Micky Ward (played by Mark Wahlberg) in “The Fighter,” which opens Dec. 17.

So a wigger with a jewfro who rose to fame via synchronized chair dancing with gay men is going up against not only his costar, but also an Oscar winner and multiple nominee and a guy dedicated enough to his work to lose 63 pounds for a role. Right. Justin’s chances at winning an Academy Award are about as good as his girlfriend’s.

Here’s Justin’s piece. She’s prettier than he is, and that makes it so hard to get good roles!


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