Kendra Wilkinson Is Smart

Kendra Wilkinson takes off her clothes for money and Hank Baskett is an NFL player who now has to play Madden to be on a team, but they had a baby and apparently that was news. However, what isn’t news, is that being pregnant doesn’t make you smart. Us Magazine reports:

“I had my friends over, and it was bad timing,” Kendra, 24, tells Us. “They were really hot and had really nice bodies,” she says of her visitors, which included former Girls Next Door costar Holly Madison and Playboy model Tiffany Fallon. “I was just hoping Hank didn’t look at them! Having a different body was such a culture shock. I’m so used to being hot and fit.” Although “it wasn’t that extreme,” the reality star says, “I did go through some depression.”

A culture shock? Really? A culture shock? This is what we’re going with? After you had the baby, did the doctor put you in wooden shoes and have you recover near a windmill? Did the baby come out dressed like a matador and ask for a Goya product in his bottle? Did the nurses have on berets and surrender? I hope someone can to explain this to me, because I just looked up “culture shock” and it still means what I thought it did.