Lindsay Is A Secret Hoarder

You’re not gonna believe this, but Lindsay Lohan is way more fucking crazy than initially thought. Daily Mail reports:

At just 23 years old, her volatile relationships, rift with her father and worries about her use of prescription drugs fill the tabloids. But behind closed doors the actress has been hiding another concerning issue. She is a secret hoarder – her luxury Los Angeles home is filled to the rafters with expensive but discarded purchases. Video footage from inside her mansion shows rooms piled high with bundles of clothes, boxes of shoes stacked to the ceiling and discarded purchases lying unopened. One bedroom is completely converted into a shoe closet, the hundreds of boxes labelled with photos of their contents. Even the living room is unusable, with tables and chairs covered in clutter and clothing.

I don’t even know if this surprises me or not, because well, it’s Lindsay Lohan. The cameras could have found her house could be filled with jars of vampire blood and midgets riding tricycles, and I would have just nodded my head and checked to see if I had any lettuce for my tuna sandwich.