Links of Underage Malfunction

You know what website is going to be getting a lot of hits? Ocean Up and their Miley Cyrus nip-slip pic. Too bad they won’t release the uncensored photo because she’s only 16.

Evan Rachel Wood was the best dressed at the SAG awards. Negative points for dating Marilyn Manson, but bonus points for coming to her senses.[LaineyGossip]

Kanye West is an asshole, even in Paris. Wait. ESPECIALLY in Paris. Site NSFW [DrunkenStepfather]

Sometimes, based on her dress, I don’t know if I’m seeing pics from a Rihanna concert or an S&M show. It’s never the one I want. [CityRag]

Senator Oprah from Chicago? That would have been a mistake. [PinkIsTheNewBlog]

You can see some Amber Heard nude in The Informers trailer [Egotastic]

Heidi Montag rubbing Jenna Jamison‘s pregnant belly makes me feel so gross for so many mixed reasons [HollywoodTuna]