Jessic Alba Is Never Happy Anywhere

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Jessica Alba and her husband Ca$h Warren attended a Declare Yourself event this weekend to celebrate Obama’s inauguration.

What is up with that woman? I see a lot of pictures of her and she so very rarely looks happy. I mean, she’s a celebrity/one of the hottest women int he world, it just so happens she can’t act and therefore will never be in a movie that will both financially and critically successful. Yeah that sucks, but can’t celebrities buy their way out of it?

If I was rich, I would go to an event everyday and look really interested in every cause I took up, because I knew the second I wanted to leave the real world, I could go back to my mansion, take all those drugs I was saving up and enter my room of fantasies, where SexBots exist, Trix aren’t for kids and Jessica Alba always looks thrilled.