Best Jessica Alba Instagram Photos (SFW)

Photo: Patrick/CBS(Getty Images)

Chances are that if you’re a younger guy you might be thinking “who?” or even the blasphemous “why?”, but if you’re a guy who was at least a teen during the break of the millennium the gratitude you feel for this article is immense. That’s right, kiddos, Jessica Alba was the ultimate celebrity crush of 9 out of 10 guys back in the early 2000s, and the prime Hollywood “it” girl. Since we’re huge romantics here at CraveOnline, we never forget our first loves and regularly stalk them online.

It’s a travesty how many more followers generic Instagram model have relative to the talented, proven, and rarely beautiful Jessica Alba. Although, she does alright for herself with 11 million people following her steps online, and a dozen of us who do it analog. The 3,206 Instagram posts aren’t enough for the REAL Jessica Alba fans.

The 36-year-old is now a mother and a business woman so so lower your pervy expectations as Jessica Alba Playboy days are long gone and all of her Instagram photos are safe for work viewing. This gallery is for those of a refined taste, enjoying the pure beauty.

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The co-founder of The Honest Company is reported to have a net worth of $340m (!!!) and this worked in really well with our fantasies about the California girl as now you truly get everything with her.

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Jessica is pretty active humanitarian yet she always finds time to follow fashion, and seeing her rock outfits like this makes us desire that she drops trying to help the world at all. We have our priorities set.

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What made Alba such a beloved celebrity and the number one in Maxims Hot 100 list is her appearance of the ultimate girl next door, and despite being 36 she still looks the part.

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Proving the what should be the unquestionable truth that people with mixed ancestry are the hottest, Alba is the mixture of various European nationalities on her mother’s side, and Mexican on her father’s side.

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Just a regular girl selfie, evoking the days when that famous Jessica Alba gif was giving guys around the world false hope that they actually got insanely lucky on Chat Roulette. I still haven’t gotten over it. It’s where all my trust issues originate from.