Nick Hogan is Getting Out of Jail Early

Initially sentenced to eight months in prison after plowing through the streets of downtown Clearwater, FL drunk driving a yellow Supra and racing a Dodge Viper, and left his passenger, Iraq war veteran, John J. Graziano, a permanent vegetable with a salad bowl for a head (read all our coverage here), Nick Hogan is being set free three months early. TMZ reports:

Nick’s being released from Pinellas County Jail on Oct. 21, three months short of the eight-month sentence he got for felony reckless driving. His early release is for good behavior. The victim of the crash, John Graziano, remains in a vegetative state.”

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s the fact that our criminal justice system is irrevocably broken. That, and these mutant hybrid puma scorpions that I’ve trained to use spicy mustard with the intestines of overpriveledged, pampered wiggers who get out of jail early. Their judgment swift. Their punishments exacting. Their hunger insatiable.

Update: Here’s what John Graziano’s “life” is like now. It’s disturbing and could be NSFW depending on where you work, so you’ve been warned. It’s newsworthy, so please don’t whine about us posting it like some of you did with the Shanna Moakler post.

Brock Hogan still trying to look like her body contains estrogen: