Britney Spears Invades Costa Rica

Who in the hell knows why Mel Gibson would want to spend his vacation with Britney Spears, yet here she is, in Costa Rica. In a bikini. The Sun says:

Britney Spears was looking hot in her bikini over the weekend. The singer is staying at close pal Mel Gibson’s $26M Costa Rican ranch with her dad Jamie and seemed happy and healthy while body boarding in the surf. Wearing her white Ed Hardy bikini, the star wasn’t shy in showing off her curves as she larked around with a male pal in the sea.”

I’m not sure what kind of funhouse mirror glasses this dude from The Sun is looking at these pictures with, but the only curves I see is on Britney’s Coke can. The rest is just Britney’s fat ass squeezed into a bikini. At this point, I’m just surprised a whale didn’t bite her ankle and pull her into the ocean to be it’s mate. You could see how that would be an honest mistake.


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