Britney Spears Still Hates Her Kids

At the request of Britney Spears and her attorneys, an emergency hearing was called today in the ongoing child custody case between Spears and Kevin Federline. Her lawyers were there, Federline was there, guess where Britney was? TMZ says:

Brit arrived at the courthouse and went through the metal detector, but then had a change of heart and didn’t want to go inside the courtroom. Sources told TMZ Brit wanted visitation restored in a “therapeutic setting” — meaning under the treatment of medical professionals — but that wasn’t gonna happen, especially since she never showed to make a plea…Britney Spears was shut down in her attempt to regain some sort of visitation. There are no changes. K-Fed has sole custody and no visitation for Brit for now.”

Apparently the whole “therapeutic setting” thing also went over well:

As we first reported, Britney’s lawyers know they’re up against it — their client has some sort of bipolar disorder but has refused to commit herself to a mental hospital for evaluation and treatment. She cannot be involuntarily committed. So, her lawyers and family have devised a “creative way” of treating Brit, and they wanted the Commish to let her visit the kids while she undergoes treatment. We’re told Commish Gordon was unmoved, especially since he has repeatedly ordered Brit to undergo a court-ordered psych evaluation, but she has refused. We’re also told Brit’s lawyers said this “creative” treatment has not yet commenced.”

I guess Britney is just pacing herself. The first couple of court hearings she never showed up, the last she made it to the parking lot, this time she made it through the metal detector. Who knows, maybe next time she’ll make it all the way to the water fountain. Or maybe not, I agree she should take it slow. Because in a fight for a parent to keep their kids, you’d hate for them to get tired out.

Britney and her on-again paparazzo boyfriend crashing into a motorcyle last night:


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