Fergie is a Freak

Blender magazine must hate women because they have just named shemale Fergie their 2007 Woman of the Year. From Page Six and Blender:

Whether you love her or hate her (“I’d like to meet the people who really hate me,” she says. “I bet we’d get along if we hung out) there’s no denying that Fergie’s making the music that people want to shake their humps to.

On her overly sexual persona:

“Those songs are about the larger-than-life Fergalicious. It’s a part of me, but expanded. I am a very sexual person, behind closed doors. I’m a freak. Flirty, sexual but not promiscuous. I’m basically a tease – take it or leave it.

Reacting to her infamous pant-wetting incident:

“It’s like there’s one or two things the public knows about every famous person. With Ashlee Simpson, everyone knows she had a nose job. With me, everyone knows I wet my pants onstage and had a crystal-meth addiction; that sucks. You have to laugh.”

Wait, you mean to tell me that Fergie pisses on herself in public and is a cock tease? Oh, baby. The only question now is whether I should go pear or princess cut, because I think it’s pretty obvious I’m in love.


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