The Week’s Funniest GIFs 1-4-17

If I were a betting man, I’d put all my money on your winter break having been way too short. That seems to be how just about everyone feels around the office, so I can only naturally assume it extends to those reading this intro, as well. Besides, all the money I have wouldn’t really set me back all that much, so its not like I had anything major to lose.

If you’re the gambling type, perhaps you should throw some money down on this week’s collection of funny GIFs making you wet your pants with laughter. Well, except that such a wager would pretty much have you losing either way. Try to spin that positive, 2018.

Wait a minute, did I just ruin the new year already? Gosh darn it, I hate it when I do that. Oh well, counting down by days instead of seconds is much less involved anyways. So let’s see, that’s…361 days to prepare to not screw up 2019.

Funniest GIFs 1-4-17

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There’s just something about this week’s collection that has us feeling nostalgic. Oh, nevermind. It’s just because last week’s hilarious GIFs are sitting right in our eyeline.