Britney Spears is Healed!

Unable to attend her court ordered deposition yesterday due to an undisclosed “illness” and “anxiety,” Britney Spears was miraculously healed by 2 a.m. where she was seen at (surprise!) a gas station. If your fists aren’t balled up yet, go ahead, I’ll wait. MSNBC reports:

Britney feels like this is a perfectly acceptable thing to do,” said a source close to Spears. “She did feel sick, but more than anything, she felt like she didn’t have to do something just because she was told.”…Would Britney really risk losing her kids rather than face questions about her parenting?…”she really doesn’t believe that she’s going to lose them. She’s not connecting the dots.”

Jesus, it should be obvious to everyone at this point that Britney could give a shit. Instead of going through all this court stuff, just let Kevin Federline drop off two “Mommy, Make Me Better” dolls at Britney’s house. She’s won’t notice until Sean Preston sends her an invitation to his high school graduation. Then Britney would just stand there in utter amazement. “Ya’ll, how…how did he do that?! He’s still sittin’ in right here in his stroller.”

Video source: TMZ