Britney Spears Wasn’t a Virgin

Eric Ervin, a lawyer who was associated with Britney Spears when she was a teenager, revealed to Us Magazine that despite claiming that she was a virgin, Spears lost her virginity at the age of 14 to her boyfriend, Reg Jones, and was having sex with Justin Timberlake throughout their entire relationship. Us Magazine reports:

Britney Spears made a name for herself as a happy, wholesome pop star who was saving herself for marriage. But lawyer Eric Ervin, who worked with Spears as a teenager, tells Us Weekly in its new cover story that the “virgin” image Spears portrayed was, in his words, a “PR blitz.” In fact, Us reports in its new issue that Spears lost her virginity at 14 to boyfriend Reg Jones, and that she and Justin Timberlake were intimate from the beginning. Something Spears also kept secret: Her family’s tragic history.”

According to Ervin, Britney’s paternal grandmother committed suicide in 1966 at the age of 31 when Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, was in eighth grade, leaving behind four children. Two of her sons, Britney’s uncles, have criminal records and are homeless. None of Spears’ family could be reached for comment because Boss Hogg’s harebrained scheme to foreclose on their farm just might work!

Britney and her bag holder at Petco a couple days ago: