Britney Spears is a Loser

You probably heard this already, but for the sake of reporting, Commissioner Scott Gordon denied Britney Spears’ petition to regain custody of her two children yesterday, effectively granting sole custody to Kevin Federline. Spears is allowed three monitored visits per week, two from 12:00 Noon to 7:00 PM and one overnight. TMZ reports:

In the order, the Commish wrote that when Britney has the kids, “the environment at the house ranged from chaotic to almost somber with little communication at all.” The Commish also recounts what the parenting coach complained of — that “during all three of my visits, Ms. Spears rarely engaged with the children in either conversation or play.” According to the report, the coach wrote, “It seems that [Britney’s] choices are dependent more upon what she wants to do at any given time rather than what would be more enjoyable for the children.” The coach also said Spears seemed to have a “lack of general attention at times” but there was nothing she “would characterize as abusive in a traditional sense.” And then the most damning comment from the parenting coach: “The problem is that unless Ms. Spears realizes the consequences of her behavior and the impact that it has [on] her children, nothing is going to be successful.”

So, to paraphrase, Britney is a selfish bitch who can’t be bothered with her kids unless they are somehow nearby when she’s doing something Britney wants to do. In Britney’s defense, I can see how that would be a problem. Two year olds can’t even get in to most clubs.