Britney Spears is an Active Parent

Britney Spears went for a walk with her kids and her court appointed monitor, and here’s a summation of the outing according to me, and all the smart people who think like me:

Pic #1: Britney’s praying her “friends” at her favorite photo agencies crop her parenting coach/Britney-sitter out of these pictures.

Pic #2: Britney is pissed off because the kids are making noise and distracting her from the “Brinee, u so byooful, we luff yore new song, Brineeee!” cries from the paparazzi she called to be there to shoot these “candid” shots.

Pic #3
: Britney asks “what’s his name” to cover her chins with his toy car, and he complies.

Pic #4: “what’s his name” asks for the shoe which is missing from his right foot and Britney threatens to shove that toy car “up his ass” if he doesn’t “stop complaining.”

Pic #5: Britney finds what’s left of her career in the crack of her driveway and wonders if she can get high from smoking it.