Lindsay Lohan is Lying

Celebrity worshippers, OK! Magazine, managed to be the first to offer money to Lindsay Lohan, so in an “exclusive interview,” Lindsay discusses her DUI, her stay in rehab, and life after. Being a whore was not mentioned. Lindsay says:

It was a sobering experience. It made me look at myself and all the people, places and things in my life in a different way…I’m going back to shoot Dare to Love Me, but I plan on returning to Utah so I can stay focused and avoid other distractions…”Temptation is always there. But now I’ll avoid it the right way…I hit rock bottom”Everything in my life came to a point where I had to make a decision…I’m here to stay. My talent is a gift and I’m going to use it.”

I wonder while she was writing this if Lindsay’s publicist minded that Lindsay was chalking lines and separating her butt plugs by color? I hope not. Because green doesn’t go in the black pile. Black isn’t even a primary color. Jesus, do I have to do everything myself?